Kimberlin Love

Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships

Kimberlin has nearly 20 years of experience in coordinating logistics and devising public relations campaigns for presidential and senatorial candidates, Members of Congress, mayors and other high-profile individuals. She has served as a Deputy Press Secretary to Vice President Gore in the White House and as a Deputy Press Secretary for the Democratic National Committee, where she was responsible for communicating the Party’s message to more than a half dozen base vote constituencies.  In 2004, Kimberlin was selected to be Director of the Democratic News Service (DNS) at the Democratic Convention in Boston where she oversaw a state-of the art internet, radio and TV facility for Senate and House Members, Governors, Mayors, candidates, elected officials and Kerry/Edwards campaign surrogates attending the convention.

​In 2008, Kimberlin served as a Press Lead on the National Advance Team for Hillary Clinton for President where she led a team that oversaw all media logistics for Senator Clinton’s respective campaign stops encompassing locations, design and construction of all press areas, and media file centers.  She built upon this experience at the State Department where she coordinated the logistics of Chiefs of States and their spouses, heads of government and other high-ranking foreign dignitaries invited to the United States by the President, Vice President and Secretary of State. In this capacity, she also advanced, planned and executed official functions hosted by the Chief of Protocol for Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions.

Kimberlin has continued to make an impact on the political scene serving as the Director of Hall Operations and Hall Management for 2012 Democratic National Convention where she managed a multi-million-dollar budget, a half dozen staff and 1200 volunteers.  And in 2013, she developed and implemented the ticket and credentialing process for guests and media attending the Presidential Inaugural.

Most recently, Kimberlin worked on Secretary Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in several capacities.  She served as a National Advance Lead, managing multiple advance teams in various cities that coordinated campaign logistics for Secretary Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton and Senator Tim Kaine. She later served as Deputy Director of Delegate Operations, where she oversaw the selection process of delegates east of the Mississippi River. She concluded her tenure as the Trip Director for the Honorable Anne Holton, wife of Senator Tim Kaine, implementing her travel schedule and supervising multiple advance teams in different cities while liaising with the United States Secret Service.